You've received your work assignment in a new city, along with your start date. Great! Now what?

Whether you only need a few boxes and plan to move yourself, or require a van line for your household full of goods and tons of info on schools, neighborhoods, spouse assistance, and more - Kinetics has you covered!

We can help you coordinate the simplest or most complex of relocations. After all, we are powered by Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene, a local brand trusted for over 50 years to move top talent in and out of the Houston market. 

Ready to start your journey home? Have questions? Just need a bit of info to get you started in the right direction? Let's chat! Our team is here to help you save time and money every step of the way, from finding the right Realtor for your sale or purchase, to scheduling vendors, to getting settled into your new space. We can even help move your furry friends or special-care items! 

Show up in your new role ready to take on the world and confident that your relocation is in the best possible hands. 





• Dedicated Kinetics® Key Advisor Team

• Best in Class Real Estate Professionals

• Credit towards closing costs

• Zero standard mortgage closing costs or equivalent rate benefit

• Preferential pricing and services through vetted vendors

•Candidate tours

•Lump Sum Advisement



It's not just where you live, but HOW you live.

*Credit Toward Closing Costs must be disclosed on Closing Disclosure statement and approved by lender and law.
Zero standard mortgage closing costs or equivalent rate benefit are possible through Gibraltar Family of Services Relationship.